Monday, June 12, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend Adventures

We had a busy fun filled weekend! We decided to join my family for the day, Saturday, up at Little Camas. It was a fun day and we were all worn out when we got home. The kids loved riding in Great Grandpa's boat, fishing, hiking with Grandma and playing with their cousins. We came home late Saturday night so we could attend our church meetings on Sunday.

 Bringing Mommy flowers


 Monday we drove up to Jump Creek for a nice little hike to the waterfall. It's a popular attraction so it was pretty busy. We had a nice surprise running into Trent's brother and his family up there. It is a perfect little hike for the kids and next time we will just have them wear there swimsuits because they were pretty wet by the time we left. 

We then took the kids to the cemetery and told them about their Great Grandpa and Grandma. Such a sweet moment when Hudson said "when I go to heaven I will see them, Mom"  It was quite hot by the time we got there so kids were getting hot from just sitting there.


 To cool off we went home and had fun with the sprinklers and trampoline!

Friday, June 2, 2017

6 Months


I sure hope the next 6 months slow down or before I know it I am going to have a one year old. The past 6 months have gone too quickly!
 Ryker is a growing boy and I love his personality. His smile and happiness is exactly what I need day to day.  I love his scrunchy face smile. His separation anxiety is kicking in though and my oh my if someone leaves the room he gets so upset!
He still adores his brother and sister and watches their every move. He is rolling all over the place and is starting to scoot himself backwards. I am not use to his mobility so it surprises me when I find him clear across the room or when I can't find him when he has rolled behind something. He loves food - we started solids and he hasn't eaten anything that he doesn't like. If he had his way he would eat what Mommy and Daddy eat. The little stinker thinks he doesn't need much sleep so he takes a couple small naps through out the day and I am really hoping he will start sleeping through the night soon.  He has learned to blow raspberries and loves to do it all the time. He laughs at the littlest things. His best giggles are when I take his shirt off.
He is our little rolly polly measuring in the 29% for height and 45% weight. I kiss his cheeks all day long. We sure love him!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Idaho Falls

My sister-in-law had her RN pinning ceremony so we were able to make a quick trip to Idaho Falls. Trent initially thought he had to work that weekend but once he found out he didn't he was able to take Friday off. I am so glad we were able to go. It was a fun filled trip and we were able to do quite a bit in a short amount of time.
We had the opportunity to attend the Idaho Falls temple open house. I am grateful we were able to go and let our children walk through the temple. We were able to share this experience with my parents and brother and his family.
 I laugh every time I see these pictures! This is what
 happens when we try taking pictures with the sun right
 in our faces. haha - Love it!


We then went to a park and let the kids play and enjoyed lunch. It was a beautiful day to do so. Later, Kristi got off work and met up with us and soon after Wayne came too. We were able to visit with her for awhile before she had to get to the college. We then went to her pinning ceremony. I am so proud of her and her big accomplishment! It looked like she had such a great experience throughout the past couple years. We enjoyed dinner and visiting with everyone.
Since we weren't able to take a camera (except your phone) to the temple open house I wanted to go back to the temple and get some more pictures. Saturday was a little more chilly and overcast but it was still beautiful!

On our way home we stopped by Shoshone Falls. That was such a fun experience because of all the rain and snow we have received, they have a lot of water. It was pretty cloudy when we arrived there so as we walked towards the falls it felt like it was starting to rain. I started looking around and realized that it wasn't raining but in fact it was from the falls. Because of so much water and wind we got quite wet by the time we left. I thought it made for a fun visit! The kids enjoyed it too until the wind started getting stronger and it started getting cold. We walked around for awhile and as we were walking back to the car it started thundering. I think we made it just in time before a storm came through.



I am grateful for the opportunity we have to reflect on the resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the atonement and for the comfort it gives us through trials and for the opportunity that we have to strive to become better each day.

The kids enjoyed our Ward Easter egg hunt Saturday morning, followed by a big Easter egg hunt in Meridian. I contacted my sister in law to see if she would want to bring her kids. I am glad they were able to come and enjoy the fun with us. The kids had so much fun gathering so many eggs and there was plenty for everyone!
Later that evening we enjoyed dying Easter eggs. Sunday morning the Easter bunny brought the kids a little something. They were pretty excited to see what was in their baskets.