Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Happy Birthday Hudson! I am still trying to figure out where the past five years have gone. In those short but long years I have learned so much from being his Mom. I still feel like I fail, more than I want, but his sweet spirit reminds me that I am doing ok. He is very strong willed, full of energy that it makes for some exhausting days. There were many days I was picking battles that weren't necessary. I realized that I wasn't seeing or allowing him to be the little boy that Heavenly Father sent to me. I have learned that his strong willed personality is ok and that he may just need to have this personality to defeat this world in later years. He brings so much love and laughter to our family, there is never a dull moment without him.
He is always taking us on adventures to a galaxy far away or teaching us new spells at Hogwarts. His love for Star Wars and Harry Potter is priceless! I have had so much fun reading him the first Harry Potter book and though I wasn't sure if he would sit through it because it doesn't have pictures, he enjoyed it and I love how he asked questions along the way. He loves anything Disney and can take his imagination on many adventures!  I love his love for learning and sometimes I wonder where this boy came from. His memory is amazing and most days I feel like he is teaching me new things. He is super excited for Kindergarten and I can't believe that new chapter is going to be here next month!
He loves swimming, playing outside, riding his bike and recently enjoyed playing T-ball. 
Hudson's little testimony continues to strengthen my own. He loves to read the scriptures and reminds us if we haven't read them. He loves seeing pictures of our Prophet and Apostles. He is always asking me questions about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I absolutely love his curiosity and I hope that as parents, Trent and I, can continue to help his testimony strengthen.

We were able to celebrate his birthday on the fourth this year. When I first told Hudson that we would have a party on the fourth of July, his reply was "But Mom, my birthday is July 6th" He quickly decided it would be okay. We had family over for lunch and then celebrated his birthday. Thank you for all who came, even when it was uncomfortably hot! Hudson enjoyed his time with all of you and loves his new gifts! Hudson requested a Harry Potter birthday cake this year. My talented sister-in-law is amazing with decorating cookies. Thankfully, she gave me some tips on how to make a Harry Potter picture. It took me longer than I thought it would but I thought it turned out pretty cute and Hudson loved it!
 Avengers beach towel and water balloons from
cousins - Colter, Tate and Adeline
                         Water Toys, transformer and magnet toys         Big Boxing gloves, sun glasses and shirt
                                              from Nana & Papa                                from Uncle Ryan, Aunt Jen & Girls
                  Clothes and Boat toys from Grandma & Grandpa           Lego sets from Mommy & Daddy
 Star Wars masks, activity kit and green light saber from Mommy and Daddy
Great Grandpa & Grandma were out of town but they later gave him a shovel, candy & money.
Cousin Reagan & Rhett gave him a fun Star Wars activity book

What is your favorite color? "Blue and Orange"
What is your favorite animal?  "Umm.. Lion"
What is your favorite show? "Curious George"
What is your favorite movie? "Big Hero 6"
What is your favorite book? "Jake the Pirate"
What do you want to be when you grow up? "Pilot!"


Friday, August 25, 2017

June Memories

June has come and gone and it went too quickly. We found out Savannah was having her surgery this summer so I wanted to make sure we had lots of fun before hand. Hudson is finishing up his first year in T-Ball and has done so great! He has showed much interest and has had a lot of fun - up until the past couple games when he has had to play in 100+ degree weather! I got a phone call asking if I would be willing to help coach his team, so I hesitantly said yes. It has been a pretty fun experience and has gone pretty well. At there age its all about teaching them the basics and having fun, something I have been able to manage to do :)

Trent took Hudson to our ward Father and son's outing. Hudson had such a fun time and said his favorite part was sleeping in the tent with daddy. He loves Camping, especially sleeping in the tent. The following weekend we made a day trip as a family up to Pine Flats, where the father and sons outing was. We all enjoyed the day that included a campfire, a hike to the hot springs and letting the kids enjoy nature.

I had a wonderful birthday filled with lots of love. My Mom brought me some beautiful flowers, Trent took me out to dinner and we had ice cream cake with my in-laws.
We also celebrated Father's Day - in which I am so grateful for Trent and the father he is to our children.

We enjoyed the Meridian Dairy Day Parade with Trent's sister and her family. It was a long parade and quite hot, but the kids still had fun and enjoyed the bag full of candy they got.

 Our sister-in-law came into town the weekend before Savannah's surgery. The kids and I had so much fun having her here and it definitely helped keep the upcoming surgery off my mind. We enjoyed the zoo and the kids cooled off at a splash pad. Thank you for coming!

We had a couple rare rainstorms in June that the kids really enjoyed. In minutes of it raining the kids had their coats and boots on, headed out the door.

 Olive Fingers!

 Arts and Crafts!

 Rock Collection!
 (Her new thing is to stick her tongue out for the camera :) )

 Raspberry picking at Grandma's!

Lots of Pool time!